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Our Luxury Lavender Hamper is the ultimate indulgence that brings together the senses from delicate fragrant toiletries to our rich and golden Lordington Honey. We have thoughtfully put together a selection of our lavender products, all using our high-grade Lordington Lavender oil. This hamper makes the perfect Christmas gift, Birthday present, client gift, or just something for your favourite lavender lover!

  • English Lavender Candle: a carefully crafted candle that fills the room with the heavenly scent of our very own Lavender for the Lordington fields.
  • English Lavender Essential Oil (L’Augustifolia): This 100% pure lavender oil is produced using only the lavender grown at Lordington Lavender Farm and freshwater from the South Downs National Park which creates this high-grade essential lavender oil.
  • English Lavender Soap Bar: a hand-cut luxuriant fragranced soap with a generous lather that leaves the skin soft, supple, and delicately fragranced.
  • English Lavender Hand & Body Cream: This luxurious hand & body cream is moisturising and non-greasy. It contains natural products such as chamomile, ginseng, and borage as well as the core ingredient of lavender essential oil giving it excellent healing and soothing properties.
  • English Lavender Pillow Spray: This soothing product promotes restful sleep and stops the mind racing. Spray this delicate fragrance directly onto the pillow to aid better sleep and to induce calm and relaxation. Sleep soundly with the unique scent of Lordington Lavender.
  • Lordington Honey: A beautifully delicate honey, collected from hives on Lordington Lavender Farm, set in the South Downs National Park. Spun by a family member, on the farm, only a small batch of honey is produced each year making this golden nectar truly special to Lordington Lavender Farm.